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Week 32- The Balkan Ecology Interview

  Co-founder the Balkan Ecology Project, Paul Alfrey and Sophie Roberts When did you first hear about Permaculture and why were you interested? I read Permaculture Home Garden by Linda Woodrow. After that I tried chicken tractor, raised beds garden. Where did you take your PDC course and when? I read the permaculture book.I took course in 2012 in Sofia. Also heard about permaculture from my neighbor Tanya. After that we invited our friends to Bulgaria. Basically, we were trying a project about the permaculture and they came and helped. What was your biggest takeaway from the course - what made the biggest impact at the time? My biggest takeaway was mixed people, networking,  and fun. It was two week intensive course. What did you gain or learn on the course that you didn’t expect?  I gain practical part of plants, ecosystem approach. What is your personal definition of Permaculture? A brand that attracts people attention. A way of getting look of things:  Regenerative agriculture, biod

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