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Week 6 - Arrival training in Sofia

We had a training in Sofia On another monday we packed our bags again to take a trip from Shipka to Sofia. Taxi - walk - train - walk - metro - walk - hotel, it took us 4 hours. As volunteers from a small village, staying in a 5 star hotel for the next five days took our breath away . Everyone started to discover their rooms and after half an hour we had our first lunch in the hotel.  The food was amazing, I personally can't complain. I believe others also enjoyed big variety of meals throughout the whole trip. Delicious and nutritious :)      There is Ru First session began at 14.30 and we gathered in a big room where we met our organizers Natalia, Dilyana, Maria and also other volunteers. We learned each others names and reached positive and open energy pretty quickly. Organizers explained us what is our schedule for this week, everything was easy to follow and our days were full of activities.        Our schedule              Natalia, Dilyana and Maria Shipka gang signs Good peo

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